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• Vegan  • Eco-Friendly  • Cruelty Free

Discover the benefits of using handcrafted natural products. 

Handmade in small batches with superfoods for your hair and skin.

Made in the Fiji Islands, our vegan  products are endorsed by salon professionals. 


Inline with our commitment to sustainability, Hair Grow Fiji products are packaged in recyclable materials while also minimising excess packaging. 

With rave reviews from customers around the world, you can shop with confidence.

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Beard Care

Ms Perina Vocea

"Honestly the Best Hair Serum I have ever used. Does exactly what its says on the bottle"
Ms Perina Vocea
( Office Manager )
 "I had really bad postpartum hair loss and was told that it would take months to resolve, but after using the Hair Grow Serum for 1 month, my hair fall had reduced markedly and the bald areas are growing back as well. and when I say used for one month, I applied only twice a week"
Dr Emily Vadiga
( Medical Doctor )

" Amazing product! Restored my hair back to life, after it was breaking and falling out after a chemical treatment"

Ms Gabrielle Simson-Frank

( Commercial Director )

Alexa Young, CA

" Out of all the hair products I

have used, this was the one that stopped my hair from falling after a chemical hair straightening disaster"

Ms. Marica

Morgan James, NY

"I am totally in love with this Hair Grow Serum! I had been experiencing a lot of hair fall earlier and have spent a lot of money on buying products to reduce that problem. Well none of them worked until I came across Hair Grow Serum which worked like magic within a few weeks. IT IS THE BEST !
Not only has it solved my hairfall issue, but also I love how it has enhanced the texture of my hair"
Ms. Shazleen
( Student )

Lisa Driver, MI

“This year I told myself that I will have "bomb ass skin and hair" before my 31st birthday.
This serum has been a GAME CHANGER!
I cannot recommend this serum enough! You've got to try it to believe it”
Ms Adelene Tutu