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For more client testimonials, check our instagram story history

Rugby Union international player, Nemani Nadolo, based in the united kingdom and is the winger for the Leicestor Tigers. Turkish mint Beard Oil testimonia on Fiji made product

Nemani Nadolo

International Rugby Player


"Thank you @hairgrowfiji for the Beard Oil. 100% natural ingredients, straight from the Fiji Islands"

Hair Grow Serum, a fiji made product testimonial by Ms Vocea of Suva Fiji.

Ms Perina Vocea
Corporate Professional


"Honestly the Best Hair Serum I have ever used. Does exactly what its says on the bottle"

Harishma Prasad of Fiji. her testimonial on Fijin made product, Hair Grow Serum.

Ms Harishma Prasad
Corporate Professional
Suva Fiji

" I have been using it every 3rd day as a deep soak and left overnight, it's turning out to be a great investment for me! Hair feels nourished and stronger.... All in all, its a great product. thank you so very much"


Dr Emily Vadiga
Medical Doctor
CWMH, Fiji


I had really bad postpartum hair loss and was told that it would take months to resolve, but after using the Hair Grow Serum for 1 month, my hair fall had reduced markedly and the bald areas are growing back as well. and when I say used for one month, I applied only twice a week.


Katarine Manueli

Used 1 bottle and it has done wonders to my hair.

Green Plants
Hair Grow Serum Fiji made product testimonial, by curtomer from Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby,PNG


I have been using the Hair Grow Serum for 2 weeks now and I have seen changes in my hair. It feels healthy and is growing back nicely.

hair grow serum fiji made product testimonial

Reshma Singh
Suva Fiji


The Hair Grow Serum is really effective.I can feel the difference! I shall be buying more from the salon. Thank you so much.

Turkish Mint Beard Oil Fiji made product, testimonial by Eleazar O'Connor

Eleazar O'Connor
Environmental Scientist

Love the Turkish Mint Beard Oil. It has been very effective in stopping  flaking and itching on my skin. My beard is softer and is growing well.

Green Plants
Marissa Asgar, owner for eyesite optometrist fiji, gives her testimonial on Fiji Made Hair Grow Serum.

Marrissa Asgar

"I run the oil through my hair and leave it in as a deep soak treatment before taking a swim, and it makes it  soft and lush after shampooing  it off"

Gabrielle Simson-Frank Commercial Director, endorsing Hair Grow Serum, a product by Hair Grow Fiji

Gabrielle Simson-Frank, Commercial Director

"Amazing product! Restored my hair back to life, after it was breaking and falling out  from a chemical treatment"

A Hair and Beauty Salon owner in Fiji and her testimonial on fiji made hair product, Hair Grow Serum

Swastika Krishna
Business Owner
(The Dream Fantasy Hair & Beauty Salon)


"....This is the perfect Hair oil serum that helps with hair growth. My clients love it and it is a best seller in my salon as well'

Green Plants
Fashion Designer of Fiji luxury fashion label Zuber Fiji, endorsing Hair Grow Fijis Beard Oil.

Ilai Jikoiono
Fashion Designer 
(Zuber Fiji)

" I used Turkish Mint Beard Oil for only one week and had to slow down due to the thickness and Hair growth. 10 out of 10"

Testimonial on Fiji made HAIR Grow Serum on hair growth for men, by DR. Robin Taylor, Psychologist and founder of the Multiple intelligence School in Fiji

Dr Robin Taylor
Psychologist/Multiple Intelligence School,Fiji.(Founder)

"Turkish Mint Beard Oil has been amazing on my usually sensitive skin"


Adi Mitimiti Dreunimisimisi
Business owner
(Maid In Suva)

"Thank you @hairgrowfiji for the perfect hair serum for long Pacific Island hair. My locks are the healthiest its been in years thanks to you"

Green Plants

Viliame Somsak Yari,

Definitely noticed that my beard was softer throughout the day, and of course is shinier. Using your beard oils, makes my beard easier to manage and fuller, as I can comb it out with less effort than before. I also really like the citrusy zesty scent. its not too overpowering but is easy on the nostrils and is very fresh.

Api Kumar, suva based hairstylist reviewing Hair Grow fiji products

Api Kumar,
Suva City Hairstylist

One of the best products I have ever tried. It is so good.


Marica Biu
Nausori Fiji

This product has been a life saver for me.So happy that this was one product that could help with my tragic hair loss story.

Had my hair chemically straightened and thought that getting it cut would help it stop falling, but it didn't. One month later I started using Hair Grow Serum. I finally have my volume and thickness and my hair has stopped falling. So relieved!

Green Plants
Business Woman Rita Isaac endorsing Hair Grow Serum.

Margarita Isaac
Business Owner
(Rita Isaac Beauty & Co)


"Finally found  a hair oil that I can trust for my  hair type! Love Love

Love "

Shelvin Lal of Suva, endorsing Fiji Hair Grow Serum

Meli Maivusoroko

"Got the Hair & Beard Grooming Oil to groom my beard, and decided to apply it on my head as well... and noticed a few weeks later that my hair was growing back" 

Shelvin Lal of Suva endorsing  Fijis Hair Grow Serum

Shelvin Lal

"Noticed a lot of  positive changes in my hair after using the product"

Green Plants
Green Plants
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