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Our Story

Hair Grow Fiji was officially launched in 2020 but was in the works much earlier. Hair Grow Fiji's founder, Fiji-born Kristin G. Wells, comes from a long line of women who have always worked with traditional methods and natural remedies using botanical ingredients to improve health. Hair Grow Fiji was founded by developing to preserve and share with future generations the natural remedies her family has always known, Kristin embarked on a journey to further develop her family formula. Working with Fiji's finest hair and beauty professionals, these natural blends have been perfected to deliver a quality product with proven results.

Hair Grow Fiji stays true to the family tradition of using only the finest natural ingredients and has expanded its brand with additional product lines to complement its popular Hair Growth Serum. To this day, Hair Grow Fiji products are available in reputable Fijian salons and boutiques with distributors in California and Australia.

Green Plants
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